Conversion Tracking Tool Review

How ClickMeter helps you Beat Every competitor While Doing Effective Conversion Tracking.

A lot of rookie marketers often get confused when issues of conversion tracking come into play; being on this page guarantees you in-depth understanding. Nowadays, a lot of people go after website development services in order to have a good website to showcase their businesses and craft. After which, you’re expected to get people to visit your website, read and explore its content but you can hardly know the exact action the visitor took.

Tracking every move or action visitors take on your website is important if you must know whether your content is engaging or not. More so, this helps people in business to get some information about their customers, plus understand their reactions.

What is conversion tracking?

To break it down, -- "Conversion" is an action that a visitor take on the website such as filling a web form, clicking on a certain button, selecting an item to be added to a shopping cart or perhaps viewing a particular page --. In most cases, these series of actions are described by the advertiser as the principal goals of the campaign; while the conversion tracking codes are mainly referred as the conversion pixels, which can be embedded in the website's page.

Is ClickMeter the best conversion tracking tool?

With ClickMeter conversion tracking tools, you can easily figure out every activity or event that happens on your website, be it a blog, business website or an online store. Conversion tracking tool like ClickMeter shows you what happens after a customer clicks on your ads -- whether or not they bought a product, called your business, downloaded your app or signed up for your newsletter --.

As seen in offline brick and mortar businesses; let’s assume you own a grocery store where customers visit when they need beverages and general foods. When a customer visits your grocery store, they’ll walk in and from that moment, you’re accountable and able to tell each section of your store they visited, the products they touched and those they were able to pick into their baskets, etc. This is assumed as conversion tracking since you’re able to gather the outcome of all their activities till checkout.

For online businesses, ClickMeter makes tracking possible and easier for the website owner or manager.

What is the purpose of using ClickMeter conversion tracking?

Here are few things you can track using an effective conversion tracking software as ClickMeter. The purpose of ClickMeter conversion tracking is to know the success rate of your campaign. It can be used to track various actions like Timestamp, IP Address, Sign - ups, Purchase, Submission of email addresses, Country, City and Region, Organization, Language, Browser type and Platform type, Mobile detection, Visitor type, Unique/Non-unique, Source analysis and Keywords, Custom parameters etc.

Why ClickMeter conversion tracking is important?

ClickMeter conversion tracking is essential since marketing online will constantly include different advertising activities and promotion, so unless you know where the change has originated from; it’s difficult to know what portion of your marketing is working or not.

ClickMeter conversion tracking software allows you to figure out where the conversions are coming from and after then focus on those promotional activities that improve the conversion rate even further.

Where should you use ClickMeter tracking software?

It’s simple, the right answer is ANYWHERE! But it is recommended that you use ClickMeter conversion tracking codes on each section and pages of your website. On the off chance that you fail to track one single marketing activity; it may lead to a total loss of sales, productivity, and leads.

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Why use a conversion tracking software?

Unrivalled Reports

Factors often considered the most in every conversion tracking software is the quality and accuracy of reports it gives. ClickMeter shows you direct information and the list of links, click stream, world map, comparison charts, conversions, search results, etc.

Tested and Trusted

Unlike other conversion tracking software in the market; ClickMeter has been tested and trusted by many businesses, Personal website owners, Bloggers, E-commerce/Online stores, Web Portals, Job Boards, etc.


ClickMeter is affordable and simple to use. With the illustrative guide and featured screen shots made available on the platform, you'd not have any problem setting up a professional click monitoring tracker for your website.

Cutting-edge Technologies

ClickMeter conversion tracking software was designed by a high performance and result proven technologies which made it deliverability unparalleled, easy to integrate and works in few minutes.