The Top 10 Ways to Make Money From Home

Top 10 ways to Make Money from home

Ways to Work for Yourself from Home

The old world thinking is to have to leave your house or apartment that you rent or pay a mortgage to the back to you job. Usually you go to your job in your car you own or lease or public transportation and all this takes valuable time.  Then you go to your job where you are making money for the boss. Bottom line is your salary is not the the first interest of your boss. That is unless you are your own boss. Below I will mention some top ways for you to work from home and save time in commuting to do the things you love.

Most of these income producing ideas are all about working from a computer with internet access which means you could be at home or you could be traveling the world. The choice is yours. All the freedom is now put in your hands with how hard you work to make it happen for yourself.

Affiliate Marketing for Companies

The onlines sales world has Billions of Dollars in sales every day. Why not work as an advertiser for a company already exisiting and find a niche you are passionate about and share that passion and get paid along the way.

What is Affiliate Marketing? You become the marketer for a company. When you advertise their product and someone goes through your link and makes a purchase then you make a commission. This Commission can range anywhere from 4% to 50% or more.

So imagine if you are making 100 sales of a $100 product with 4% commission that is $400 a month for simply posting a link $100 product at 4% commission rate= $4 commision per sale then 100 sales time $4 commission = $400

Imagine if you had a commission rate of 30% for those $100 products that is $30 commision per product. And if you still had the 100 sales a month for those $100 products thats a cool $3000 for posting links.

An easy way to make supplemental income or your primary salary from anywhere with an internet connection.

An amazing company that will help you from zero knowledge to running a successful online affiliate site is Wealthy Affiliate. You will learn a great deal with the free information, and if you choose to upgrade the support you receive is incredible and will help keep on your way to success.

You don’t need to use a training company, but they can definitely help you fasttrack the commissions to roll in to your bank account. There are many affiliate programs out there and some of the top ones you can open accounts with are below. Just keep in mind many do not always accept someone that does not have a website up and running.

Here are the top 10 Affiliate Networks

Create an Online Business

Being your own boss is always better than being an employee. That is as long as you are profitable. As an entreprenuer you have to wear multiple hats.

  • You have to do customer service (or outsource it), You have to create your own logo ( or hire someone)
  • You have to do purchase a domain name for your business (I prefer
  • Then move forward with website development
  • Marketing of your business which could include running your own affiliate program

You can see in running an onlilne business there are alot of steps you need

Empowerment Life Coaching

Think about it! What person doesn’t want to feel like they are in more control of their lives? You can be that person to help walk them through the process. Who better to help you gain the experience in Coaching than Tony Robbins or Tai Lopez the master coaches. They even have some free training to help you along the way if you choose to learn from them.

With a bit of training you can become the expert to help people seeking help. Bottom line is people are looking for kind compassionat guidance. People want to be in a non judgemental zone where they can improve themselves.

We all have bad habits that were learned when we were little an to improve our lives we have to unlearn the bad habits and create new ones. Nuero plasticity is amazing and we all have the ability to recreate new nueral pathways in our brain of better habits to improve our lives

Create an Online Training Course

Are you a specialist in a certain area? Do you have a hobby that you have done immense amount of reserch on that you could teach people about? What ever your passion, you likely have the ability to teach that to other people.

Now teaching is not always for everyone, but you could easily try your hand at it.

There are two different sites that I know of that are great for you to start your online university.

Udemy – which has numerous courses on there. You can receive commission for your courses in 3 different ways which are explained here under the instructor payscale. They also advertise your course along with all the other courses with over 30 million students around the world.

Another great online school to offer your course is I like as the pay structure is a bit different and you have the option to be able to create affiliates to your courses. You can then have students that like your courses recommend them to friends and receive a commision for their hard work.

What is nice about both of these sites is you do not need to start a website to be able to sell the courses. Simply create your course and start marketing it to start selling it and making profits.

Create Your Own Youtube Channel

For sure you have heard about Youtubers making money on Youtube. Its like the saying from a movie about a baseball field. If you build it they will come.

Well with Youtube If you film it they will watch it. If you have a niche passion you can share that online. There are people that share education, they share their lives, they share their video gaming and more. You don’t need too much to start a youtube channel at all.

You can do it all from the comfort of a smart phone if that is what you have to begin. After that you might want to invest in a nice camera, rig, a software editing program and a laptop to put it all together.

There is a bit of capital investment if you want some of those great youtube channels. Once you have the essential materials you could do vlogging from anywhere in the world.

Starting your own Podcast

Do you have something to say to the world? Well a podcast could be just right for you.

First you need to find a topic for your podcast. Is it going to be a lifestyle podcast, an empowerment podcast, a teaching podcast, a sports podcast. What ever it is try to come up with a solid topic that will allow you to continue for years.

Next start outline your topics and if you are going to have people on your podcast line up the interviews or chats.

Once you have your first initial podcasts set up then you could talk to people about selling your podcasts. There are a couple different sites where you can market your podcasts.

You can also look for certain companies to Sponsor you Podcast.

There is even this article from about how you can monetize your podcast.

You can even hire someone to help you start your Podcast at Podcast Motor

Work Home Remote Jobs

To me it was always my dream to work from home. And now it has happened where I can set my own schedule a self motivator. But there are some people that still like to strict schedule and want to work from home. Some of these sites will help you to find that job working from home with a set schedule

Online Audio Books

Did you know that if you love to read and have a nice voice you could make money reading books to turn them into Audio Books

First you would want to practice reading a book out loud as if you were telling the story. Then you can record your practice attempts to see how your breathing interacts with the content. You want to make sure that you are creating a story with your intonation in you voice. Obviously if there is an exclamation point you would want to make it sound intense.

It takes a bit of acting and being like a child behind a microphone to give your reading personality and engagement.

  • ACX – a site that connects authors and readers together
  • Upwork – has a bunch of audio book arena jobs
  • – a site devoted to finding readers for audio books
  • People per hour – freelance job site that offers book and voice over jobs

Sell Handmade items Online

Are you a crafty and artsy person. They you might have just heard about a site called Etsy.

You can pretty much make anything and sell it on Etsy. Do you design custom diaries,jewelry, clothing, bags, blankets ane even baby wipes. If you can make it then Etsy is the online marketplace for you to sell it.

Become Social Media Influencer

You can watch countless videos on Youtube about become a social media influencer

There are books on Amazon about how to do it and 101 different blog posts about to make it happen for yourself.

This will definintely not be a get rich quick scheme to become an influencer but over time it could be quite lucrative.

You can work from home online

It is 100% possible for you to work from home online. It will take time for all of your hard efforts to pay off. Remember that it is not a sprint but a marathon and all the work you do each day will compound on itself. At one point you will see the income come rolling in to your bank account.

There are some methods that will produce results faster than others and some methods are more for self motivated individuals.

Best of luck to you in your online work search. Please leave your comments about what you have done or how this has helped you or any questions in order to help others as well.

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