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We all know that Disney World and Theme parks around the world become the dream vacation for many kids and families. It is expensive to make that dream happen for your family.

As a stay at home mom I am always looking at ways to create income to fulfill the dreams of my children, which is why I put together this post of top Disney Affiliate Programs to help you pay for your trip to Disney world.

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Disney Dream Trip

Book Disney Vacation

When planning your vacation setting up the budget and booking your reservations is truly step 1 of the big Disney Family Vacation. Now here is where you can start making money. You can also create a site based on Affiliate Marketing to generate supplemental income that could even pay for the entire trip and more.

Just a reminder that if you set these affiliate programs up that you should not try to book through your link as it might get you banned from the program.

One of the them that might come across as too easy is the Disney World Savings Guide.

Disney Affiliate Travel Programs

Undercovertourist.com – Has amazing rates for Hotels, Cars and A very cool Crowd Calendar that shows you when the crowds are the worst at the attractions.

AirFare Watchdog – This site will watch the fare for you to get the absolute best rate on particular dates for your destination. So a great site to use no matter where you want to fly.

The Magical Shuttle is for Disneyland in Paris- you can book your transportation to the park from the Paris Airports, or partner hotels.

BipBop – Is a Disney Vacation Club Villa booking site. Where you can check 15 resort sites all in one location at the same time

Destinations in Florida – Provides Disney World Packages, Disney Cruises and even Sandals Resorts

Disney Holidays – Where you can book your package deals to Walt Disney World in Florida, Disney Land Paris and Disney Cruises. A great site if you want to have everything in one booking as well. One stop shopping

Next step after booking your travel with air fare, hotel, shuttles or rental car is to book your theme park tickets.

Disney Theme Park Tickets

These can all be found under Best of Orlando.com


Florida Ticket Station – Provides Tickets to the Theme Parks, Adventure Attractions, Shows, Water Parks and more

Now you hopefully have your travel set and your tickets reserved. Now if you want to plan ahead you can buy your souvenirs ahead of time and spend your time on vacation enjoying your park time.

Disney Souvenirs

Disney Souvenirs

There is nothing that can replace the photo from riding the Hulk at Universal or a Space Mountain photo. However, there are some items that you can buy ahead of time to save time and money. The top sites to buy them before you go are below and once again you can use them to make money before you go when registered as an affiliate

Shop Disney and Shop Disney UK – Are the two top sites to purchase your souvenirs, birthday decorations, t shirts, water bottles and more.

You also can’t discount the options available on Amazon for important items like Water Bottles, T-shirts, Hats, Pins, Bags, Backpacks, Christmas Ornaments and everything else Disney you can find there.

Disney Subscription Box

Disney Subscription Boxes

Walt Life – A Disney Subscription Box where you can even order a Suprise Box for that special person you are planning this Disney Vacation.

Mickey Monthly – A bit of the Theme Park delivered to your door. They have a pin box, the classic box and more

Cratejoy – Has more than just Disney Boxes to offer definitely the Amazon of Subscription Boxes.

Disney Dream Night

Dreams Do Come True with Hard Work

I hope that this post helps you realize just how many ways there are to generate income online to pay for that dream vacation or more. If you have any tips or comments or concerns about the post please share them below.

My goal is to help others in all ways possible. If you have ever thought of working online make sure to check out the free training at Wealthy Affiliate. You can set up 2 websites free. Why not try it right?


  1. Thank you for your post. It is so nice that you could have fun and make money in the same time.

    There are so many affiliate program associated with Disney Land. I am a Disney fan and a trip to Disney land or world almost every year. I never thought about the affiliate program. I bookmarked your webpage and will perform a serious investigation and plan for my next trip through the affiliate program.

    It is kind of you sharing this money making opportunity with us. With this,  it is likely that our family will have a free Disney trip next year.

  2. I’m a bit confused by your page. You appear to be saying that your children can make money for you by becoming affiliate marketers and you can make money buying Disney products through your own affiliate sites. Two problems: If you look at the terms of service for most affiliate programs, firstly you have to be 18 to register with them so in afraid you can’t put your children to work. Second problem, most affiliate programs explicitly prevent you from purchasing through your own affiliate links and many will ban you straight away if you attempt this. Some, Amazon for example, extend that to preventing you from getting your friends and family to purchase through your affiliate links. Once you’re banned you’re usually banned for life with no comeback. 

    • You are correct and I need to be more specific. I will change the text to be more specific as to teaching them how to make money online and being able to use that money to pay for dream trips. And good words to the wise about not buying through your own links. Appreciate your perspective.

  3. Hi Jane, 

    I have never been to any Disney parks in the world since my parents were not that interested in my childhood, so I decide to take my kids to any of them when I have kids. This article comes the right time that I could even visit a Disney park without any cost but making money online.

    I would try every program listed on the paragraph of “Disney Affiliate Travel Programs”. I feel excited that even just look at the title of each program. They are all attractive and fun! 

    Do you recommend any of it for a beginner like me or try all o them directly?

  4. Disney Tour is still magical even for adults and going there for a family adventure is really dream that should be fulfilled. Thanks for sharing related products and services that we can purchase, plan and book ahead of time. The best part is that we can use this means to generate income and make a dream vacation come true in the future. It is always advisable to also learn the nitty gritty of the itineraries, accomodation, and even car services to have a better chance in Disney Affiliate Programs. I hope in time, I can also get the chance to have a reservation and booking for my family. Thank you for giving us a great idea that I can teach my kids so they could learn about making passive income at an early age.

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