1. This maybe something to look at later down the line when I get a more of a feel for making an income online, at the moment still getting my head around it. This could be something else to add to what I am doing at the this point of time. 

    • yes  there is a reason why Salesforce is so successful and Get Response is right there with them with the services that they offer. Definitely a great service for small business owners. 

  2. Seems like a legit and useful service.

    There are over 100.000 accounts, so that says something and at the very least that number should get anyone that’s involved in email marketing you curious enough to try it out.

    Regarding the 30-day trial, since building email-lists are more of a long term thing, do you think 30 days are enough to test and see whether it’s worth the full-time commitment?

    • Faheem,  I did the 30 day trial and there is so many tools there to learn you can barely scratch the surface, but it does give you time to play with the program and see its usefulness. You can create a webinar and then market that too. There are so many different ways to grow your email list. Once you have a follower and you nuture then they are more likely to click through to what you market them. Irs about building a relationship and trust. 

  3. Jane,
    This review and videos have been very informative. This sounds much simpler than maintaining a growing email list without help. It will be a time saver and greater efficiency. That would free up time for creating more product reviews.
    I would not have to keep up a spreadsheet for my email contacts and their purchases on different products they might purchase.

    How easy is it to add to an existing Review affiliate site?
    Can my current email list be merged into the Get Response program? and
    If I decide to change to another similar email assistance platform can I move ALL my email contacts to that site without charges?


    • Leo, 

       As far as adding it to an existing site, it is quite easy. They walk you through how to add the email capture. It is very easy to export you current email list and the import to Get Response. and if you were to want to leave you can still export out your contacts. The offerings that they give for such a low price are truly amazing.  


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