The How to’s of Search Engine Optimization

If you are like me looking to optimize your website you might be saying, Yes that’s me! But what the heck are you talking about in search engine optimization.I am going to try to help you understand what it is exactly. Search engine optimization = SEO is when you do the hard work to improve how your website ranking. I will try to enlighten you now as to what ll this means as well.

  1. What is a Website Ranking
  2. What is a SERP
  3. What is a SEO Tool
  4. What is Website Traffic About
  5. What is a Backlink
  6. Website Content and Posting

What is a Website Ranking

What is a Website Ranking

Each search enging, (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Alexa, Aol Search, Alta Vista) all have their own way to rank a website.  This ranking can be based on the keywords of a site, the backlinks, the traffic, the speed of the loading and even the content. So next is how do you optimize or make the website better so that you can have a higher ranking for your site. That is where the SEO Tools come into the picture.

What is a SERP

What is a SERP

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are the pages displayed by search engines in response to a query by a searcher. The main component of the SERP is the listing of results that are returned by the search engine in response to a keyword query, although the pages may also contain other results such as advertisements. This is from

What is a SEO Tool

What is a SEO Tool

There are sooo many SEO Tools out there and here is what they try to do. The purpose of the SEO Tool is to help you expedite the ranking of your website. They will analyze your site and see where the improvements are to be made. Here are a list of a couple sites that I have used in my research to help you gain your ranking and grow your traffic.

Some of the top tools out there for 2019 are as follows

  • Jaaxy – Keyword Search Tool that will allow you to research Keywords, Niches, Competition, and different Domains They also offer free 30 searches  
  • Mangools – Where they off you a buffett of different tools.
    •  Keyword Finder to find long tailed key words to help you reach your ranking
    • SERPChecker so that you can check your ranking on Search Engines
    • SERPWatcher that will let you track your ranking of keywords to see if you have improved or dropped on the pages
    • LinkMiner to track your backlinks which are explained down below.
    • SiteProfiler that will give you an overall analysis of your site and where you can make improvements on your site to gain ranking.
  • SEMrush– They adverstise themselves as all in one marketing and seo platform with over 4 million users
  • Spyfu– That will compare yourself to your competitors and see what keywords they rank for and how you can optimize your site against your competition.
  • Seobility – Offers Website Crawling and Site Auditor, Google Rank Tracker with Daily Updates, Backlink Checker and Link Building Tools, Continuous Monitoring and Whitelabel Reporting
  • Diib – Asseses you website to provide you with Growth Plan, Website monitoring, Weekly snapshot email, Daily health score, Benchmarking against competitor sites


What is Website Traffic About

What is Website Traffic About

The website traffic is all about the number of people to visit your site. If you have no traffic going to your site then you have no audience or eyes to see your site and what you are offering. If you are just writing for fun to get it out there no worries, but if you are intersted in promoting a service, selling a product, creating leads or referring traffic through links you need to make sure that you have it optimize to the best of your ability.

That is the essence of all the search engine optimization and why people spend so much time working on their ranking and why all these business exist. It is your website marketing to the public.

Some great social network sharing companies that are great for spreading your words

  • Social Oomph – is a great tool to help you automate posting and blogging to social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Shopify, WordPress and more.
  • Social Pilot – They concentrate more on sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and VK. You can even put post on a calendar here.
  • Crowd Fire – Helps you with Content Creation, Publish to you social networks( YouTube, Vimeo, Shopify, Etsy, Twitch, WordPress,Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest)  on a schedule as well. Monitoring Analytics and Social Mentions
  • Promo Republic – They help with Smart Posting, Content Services and Social Monitoring for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn offers a free account and paid service starts at $9 month
  • Socialite Media – They help with Instagram Followers, Social Media Growth, Strategic Consulting, Content Management and Automating your marketing campaign.

What is a backlink

What is a Backlink

Backlinks are exactly what they sould like it is a link that links back to your site from another site or a link that takes someone back to another site from your site. Many search engines look for backlinks into your site for credibility.

You can create these backlinks by putting the backlinks out to other sites and seeing if they will link back to you. This is a method that can be quite time consuming. There are two companies that I discovered that will help with creating backlinks for your site with free trials. The reviews will be coming soon.

  • Backlinks – A site that will help you either buy or sell backlinks for your site.
  • BacklinkBeast – A site that will help expedite the backlinks for you to help rank higher
  • Traffic Ivy that helps you get free traffic and create back links

Website Content and Posting

The bottom line is the search engines will search the content and links throughout your site. It is important to have the content to be search engine friendly. My prior blog never had any of this SEO management and I’m researching this free Article Spinner that will revamp old articles to be search engine friendly.

This was all written in hopes to help you along with your SEO experience. If you have any questions or concerns about the post please post in the comments below. There is nothing better than helping someone help themself.




  1. Thanks for an awesome post here about SEO and the tips to get ranked. It’s definitely not always easy to rank well and it pretty much always seems to be a moving target as the rules are constantly changing.

    Looking forward to seeing your upcoming reviews on the new backlinks options and to see what you discover with the new content spinner. Keeping my fingers crossed that you discover some gems that will make our work that much better. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for this informative article. I am a new blogger and while my website is starting to rank, I am always on the lookout for different tools to further assist with ranking. I am definitely going to look into the backlinks tool and will look out for your reviews on those companies. Thanks again!

    • Chris great job on your ranking. Yes the search engines are always changing their algorithms in tanking sites. Each search engine is a bit different. Of course most people aim for being ranked on Google which receives most of the traffic on the web, but they are not the only engine out there. 

  3. Great article about search engine optimization! I realize how important it is to get found on google in order to have a successful website. What are your thoughts about paid ads? Also is it important to submit your website to search engines as well? I always see so many search engines and don’t know where to start..

    • Nikki yes you can definitely submit your site to get indexed. There are no guarantees as to the time that your site with be indexed. As far as paid Ads, they might work well for the low hanging fruit keywords, but it could be more costly than publishing keyword rich content. 

      Something that I have also noticed is that the search engines do their updates and rankings and ratings tend to change almost every 2 weeks, so your expenses in ads might not show results for a bit of time. 

  4. You listed some great resources here! I am really interested in trying out the Spyfu to creep on my competitors’ keywords. Have you used the Spyfu personally? You presented this info in a clear easy to understand way. I also liked that you listed off what i could expect to read in the article at the top with the numbered list,  so thank you!

  5. At first I thought I wouldn’t learn anything but while reading I realize how informative and educating this post is. And I confess its really worth the time used in reading it. I am intrested in learning more on how to make a site gain better ranking. I hope to see more of this post again to increase my knowledge. 

    • Thank you Dane. I will be sharing more reviews about tools and their pros and cons to help people understand what to expect from each tool.

  6. Hi Judy

    I have to say that I enjoyed your post a lot.  I am not as far along in my website, so you have provided me with a lot of tools to persue in the future.   I am still overwhelmed with the Search Engine Optimization, but like everything it takes time to understand.  You have certainly explained a lot of new tools for me.

    I am going to explore Mangools and see if there is something there that I can utilize.  As for backlinks you have explained them very well.  I wasn’t really sure what they were until now.

    Thank you!


    • Thank you Wanda. I am happy to hear it is clear and to the point in helping others. This is what I was looking for as a roadmap in the beginning

  7. When I was planning to have my own website fornaffiliate marketing and content writing, I didn’t know how important it is to do Search Engine Optimization. I was clueless about how keyword search is important to be incorporated in your website content. Now that I am pretty much knowledgeable about it, I’m still eager to learn and explore on tools and software that can help me to increase my website traffic . I like to try some of the SEO tools you recommended and see for myself how I can use it to my advantage. Thanks for sharing it with us. 

    • I agree MissusB in the beginning most people dont know how important it to create traffic if you want to use it for business. My first site was simply me blogging and no clue about SEO rankings and that is why I want to share to help others as well.

  8. This was an extremely helpful article on search engine optimization (SEO) with explanations of the terms and how to put them into practice using some of the common tools that are available to help you along the way. Using good SEO can really help you get more traffic that costs nothing.

    If you put the strategy into use for all of the content that you create, over time a significant portion of your traffic can come to you at no additional cost and your acquisition costs can come down a lot for your leads and customers. That means more money in your pocket as you are not spending as much money on paid traffic. 

    Since so many people are using WordPress as the framework and the themes that work with WordPress, what do you think of the plugins that are available to help with the SEO for your content? There are several out there, and I hear good and bad about each, I would be curious as to what you think on this subject. 

    • Dave, you know you are true there are many SEO plugins for WordPress that I did not mention and I will likely add to the post. Some tools tend to restructure the themes and can cause issues with loading. I might do a separate WordPress SEO plugin post to help people that use WordPress in particular. Great ideas thank you

  9. I never even knew what SERP meant until now. Thanks for that tidbit of information. I have been meaning to get around to marketing my blog post, today you’ve lit the fire to get going on it. You seem pretty efficient with your methods. How did you learn all this as well do you help others with their site, I know I need to get some help for mine. 

    I looked at Jaaxy and they have a free trial for which got me looking at some amazing keywords.

    • Jagi all this knowledge came from time studying and doing research online. If you want to succeed you have to put in the research to make it heppen. It doesn’t just happen organically now you have to work with everyone that is optimizing themselves as well. There is enough on the internet to make it happen for everyone with the proper work.

  10. Hi your passive income online,

    Thanks for sharing about how to boost the traffic of our websites, there are so many details and I could say it helps a lot for a new beginner like me.

    I do have some questions on the tools that you used for SEO since there are many, do you recommend any of them the most suitable for beginners? Is it Jaaxy since it’s the first one I read on the list? 🙂



    • Matt,  

         I tried to put lots of options with the services they offer because people might want to target one area more than the other.   

  11. These are great tips for beginner online marketer like me. I am currently setting a website as a practice for my online business journey, but still struggling to learn about SEO and basic digital marketing terms. May I know how long usually it need to make our website page appear in page one Google? Thanks in advance for your answer.

    • Each site is going to take a different time frame to rank on page one. It depends on the content, the keywords and competition for those key words.

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